It has been said that if you invest 3% of your annual income into your education each year, you will have a steady grow of your business. If you invest 5% you can double your annual income, so can you imagine if you spend 10% of your income into education? This includes attending conferences, workshops, online workshops, networking with piers and industry leaders and reading blogs/magazines. 

Investing into your business is crucial, over the last couple of years (and still to this day) Rensche invested hundreds of thousands of rands into her business, as a result she is part of the leading wedding community in South Africa.

In 2011 Rensche hosted her first workshop and will continue to do so as she loves teaching and helping photographers getting to where they want to be in their business. 

This coming year she will be available for a couple more workshops and she will be a speaker at the Admired in Africa Conference in May and October 2017 so please check out if there is a specific workshop that will fit your needs, if not, you can sign up for the one-on-one workshop where we customize the workshop for your specific needs.