The following is for photographers who are interessted to see where I learned my skills and where go to, to get stuff done. These are all part of affiliate programs and I would recommend them even if I didnt benefit from giving anyone the information!



What is Find in a Box, it is an online course created by Jonathan Canlas for people who want to learn more about film - you will learn so much about film with this workshop, I would totally recommend this course to anyone for free all day, EVERY DAY. It will open up your world and make you really appreciate shooting film!

Click on the banner on the left or on this below to go to the website to order your FIAB course. Awesome discount on the Find In A Box Set for delegates coming to my Introduction into film workshop!


Album Exposure

I have been using Album Exposure for a couple of years now and it is the best way to get your clients to make changes and approve their albums. From clicking on the image to comment all the way to pressing one button to approve the album! How awesome! Click on the link or