Two of my favourite photographs from our family collection, first image (±1931) of my grandfather as a toddler all dressed up, second photograph taken in Kenya in the mid 1930’s and probably setup by my great-grandfather Carl Frederick Phöl, a hobbyist photographer (4th from the left with a cigarette in his mouth, my grandmother is in the middle with her back towards the camera, her mother and brother to her left), it shows a moment where everyone is having a good time together as family and friends.

Photographs are stories; they tell us about our history, they portray our loved ones’ liking and they remind us of moments shared with others. A moment can be forgotten in an instant, but once you have seen that moment in a photograph, you can easily recall the moment and the way it made you feel, for the rest of your life.

To say that I am a photographer feels silly, we are all photographers. I, am a storyteller. I connect with my clients to tell the story of their life, it can be an engagement session, a celebration, a pregnancy session or the whole big family altogether. The story and the bond of the people is what gets me excited. It is about being able to document a family for 13 years and hopefully continuing to do so for many more years.

2019 marks my 14th year as a wedding and portrait photographer, I still love seeing my clients through the viewfinder and capturing something in them that can take them back in time and pass on to their children and grandchildren.


Rensche Mari
Rensche Mari


My mission is to photograph my couples in a way that shows the connection they have with one another and to translate their story into a beautiful keepsake album.

I capture light filled images that are romantic and authentic. If you have a chance to wander through my wedding posts you will find posts that captures a wedding day from start to finish; there is a story behind every post, if you feel that this resonates with you, get in touch so I can document your love story.


I call Pretoria home but love traveling to beautiful countries. My past jobs has taken me to New Zealand, Belgium, Dubai, Austria, France, Italy, USA, Mexico, Mauritius, Zambia, Zimbabwe & Mozambique. Please see my travel dates on the homepage to see where I will be next.



It is an amazing achievement to get awards in this industry, and it makes one feel so good, but no award is better than walking into a home and seeing a clients’ memories up on the wall and on their coffee table.

WPPI Wedding Album Competition


When I get a chance, I love to enter the albums I created for my clients into an international competition. I have received a couple of awards for my wedding albums in the past.



A couple of magazines that has featured my work. Local & International